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Pigments through the Ages - Prehistory - WebExhibits

Paleolithic Art in the Roucadour cave

Roucadour cave, Themines, Quercy, Lot, France.

A picture of negative hands in the Roucadour cave made of carbon black and red ochre. The cave of Roucadour is a large cavity with easy access, formed by a steep descending main gallery (15-20 m wide; 15 m high) and a lateral gallery (40 m long). The figures are at the end of the lateral gallery, 6 m above the...

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Introduction: Modern Notions of Color and Art - Webexhibits

Woman with a Hat, Henri Matisse, 1905. Matisse claimed that color and form could only achieve their full potential when they became independent from the objects they depicted.

Woman with an Umbrella (Portrait of Signac's Wife Berthe), Paul Signac, 1893.

Musical Instruments, Pablo Picasso, 1912.

Matisse's Woman with the Hat (1905, above) is a good example of the "new" ways of coloring -- it was considered offensive by the contemporary spectators when it was first exhibited in the Salon d'Automne, Paris, in 1905. The criticism focused on Matisse's depiction of the woman's face that is...

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Turner and Delacroix - WebExhibits

Modern art is commonly associated with the 20th century. Yet, Joseph Mallord William Turner's (1775-1851) work has characteristics that could be considered modern. Parts of many of Turner's paintings, such as the two here, show non-representational forms that depart from the dominant traditions of representation. Instead of trying to mimic the naturalistic appearance of the scene, some areas of...

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