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Best of Morocco - Art Morocco

Morocco's contemporary art scene had a boost with the opening of some significant public-funded and private galleries as well as some key exhibitions showcasing Moroccan modern art abroad. Although foreign and diaspora collectors have always been important, Nadia Echiguer, Director of UK-based art dealers, Moroccan Fine Art, explains the role of a developing economy in the promotion and sale of...

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Travel Morocco - Moroccan Music & Artists

Ancient Moroccan music can be found in the mountainous regions and is performed within Berber villages while in the cities there is a strong Arabic classical tradition, of songs and instrumental music brought by Arabs from the east and Andalusian Spain. Since the 1970's Morocco has spawned indigenous pop ( chabbi music ), ranging from protest songs to dance music- sounds that you'll hear blaring out of taxi radios, bus stations PA systems and in shops, cafes and restaurants....

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