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Cave art in Asturias, Spain. | in english

Asturias Cave Paradise: the legacy of prehistory.

Idol of Peña Tú

Autonomous region: Asturias

There are many ways to learn about prehistory, but we recommend one so real that you will be fascinated. Join us on a full tour of the sites, caves and museums with prehistoric art to be found in the east of Asturias, one of the most beautiful regions in Green Spain. Discover the mark of your ancestors...

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Cave of Altamira in Santillana del Mar, Spain: Monuments ...

World Heritage, a certification granted by UNESCO.


Important examples of prehistoric rock art

The paintings are some 14,000 years old and have the World Heritage designation.

The cave has an irregular shape and is some 270 metres in length. It has an entrance hall, main gallery and side hall, and contains some of the world's finest examples of prehistoric rock art. The drawings are some 14,000 years old and show...

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Nerja Caves in Nerja, Spain: Monuments in Nerja -

Journey to the centre of the Earth.

This cave combines its own natural beauty with cave paintings.

The cave is 4,283m long, but only a third of it - specifically, the area called the Low Galleries - can be visited. The importance of this cave rests on the fact that his has almost all known types of natural formations. In addition, it is easy for visitors to get...

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