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PPT - Cave Paintings of Lascaux PowerPoint Presentation ...

Cave Paintings of Lascaux. Located in southwestern France Discovered by four teenage boys in 1940 They kept it secret for a week before telling their teacher Made around 20,000 BC Best known example of Paleolithic Art (Late Stone Age)

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Expressionism Henri Matisse Master of Color - PowerPoint ...

Expressionism is a term used to describe the art period from 1905-1920

Expressionism is the opposite of Impressionism, which emphasized painting what the artist observed

The goals were to express emotions through the use of vivid colors and strong lines, rather than capturing a likeness or reality

Henri Matisse wrote:

Henri Matisse

Matisse lived in France from 1869-1954

When Matisse was young, he...

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PPT - THE AJANTA CAVES PowerPoint Presentation - ID:171320

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'THE AJANTA CAVES' - liam

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My Visit to The Lascaux Cave - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The Hall of the Bulls

The Hall of the Bulls, also called the Rotunda, is an extension of the entrance zone. It is about 20 meters long, and it varies in width between 5.5 and 7.5 meters.

Between the ceiling and the lower part, a corbelled zone contains nearly all of the iconography, which extends uninterrupted for some thirty meters on either side of the hall. The extremely white calcite walls...

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