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What is Pablo Picasso style of art? What makes his art ...

Answered 57w ago

You can not simplify this question in a few lines.

Picasso's cubist but not only, I say this because I argue that both universal artist, in fact, go through all the historical avant-garde, from ready made to surrealism from sculpture to graphic art etc.

I will speak of Cubism because through it we will understand the revolutionary figure of the artist.

Cubism is an avant-garde...

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What are the boundaries between street art and vandalism ...

Answered 159w ago

Because both often illegally deface property or public space, some people may regard street art as a form of vandalism.  I don't agree with that view, however the distinction between the two isn't always clear.  In my mind, street art adds something, either aesthetically or conceptually.  Street art may be humorous or thought provoking.  It may raise your awareness or...

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How complex was Neanderthal speech? -

Chrissy Cuskley , Researcher in Linguistics and

Thomas Wier , Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the Free University of Tbilisi. · Author has 365 answers and 4.7m answer views

The Challenge

Unlike pottery shards, arrowhead flints and cave paintings, language does not leave an archaeological trace that can be uncovered by intrepid linguists bearing bullwhips.

Possibly inspired by archaeologist...

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