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Australian Aboriginal Cave Art

Cave Art

Cave art is one of the early forms of rock art .

Because caves provided a natural shelter they were one of the earliest dwellings of the indigenous Aboriginal.

Australia has some extremes of weather with morning temperatures in the desert at or near freezing and perhaps 40 degrees centigrade in the afternoon heat.

In the North of Australia it can rain so much during the rainy season...

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Australian Aboriginal stencil art.

Stencil art is the name of the style of art found in many caves along coastal Australia and is usually depicted as a hand print which is usually located in amongst a group of handprints. The handprint represents the signature of the individual who placed it there. Usually when examined carefully, there are actually many layers of these prints on the wall surface.

This technique is accomplished by using a ground ochre suspended in water. The person who wants to leave the handprint takes this suspension into their mouth and then blows it from their mouth over the hand placed on the wall or ceiling...

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