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Prehistoric France and a timeline of prehistory in France

Prehistoric France and a timeline of prehistory in France

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To be in the exact same place as our ancestors once lived, hunted, and painted the walls of their caves can be an almost overwhelming experience, and most of us are fascinated by our ancestors when we visit a place where prehistoric man was known to live.

Yet 10,000 years is perhaps just...

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Date: 2017-12-20 12:39:49

Prehistoric art in France - France This Way

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The story of French art starts with the cave paintings.

Frequently painted in dark, damp conditions, the cave paintings were (and are) an astonishing achievement.

Dating back 25,000 years, possibly even 30,000 years, the paintings most commonly represented animals - often the animals that were being hunted at that time, but sometimes invented...

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Lascaux caves France travel and tourism, attractions and ...


The world famous caves at Lascaux are found near Montignac , 30km north of Sarlat in the Dordogne.

Although they are not the oldest cave paintings in France, or the most extensive, and visitors see a faithful reproduction rather than the originals, they are still an immensely popular attraction, and highly recommended as one of the highlights of your visit to...

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Dordogne, France: travel guide, places to visit and ...

Dordogne travel guide and highlights

Perigord Noir - the south-east Dordogne

In Perigord Noir you will find many of the most famous castles, towns and villages of the Dordogne region, many in spectacular locations, and with fascinating histories to tell - but you will also find more tourists and busier roads, especially in high season.

Sarlat is the 'medieval capital of the Dordogne' and perhaps...

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Terrasson, Aquitaine: tourism & sightseeing - France This Way


Terrasson is a town in the north of the Dordogne department to the west of Brive-la-Gaillarde. Note: the 'real' name of the town is Terrasson-Lavilledieu, the two communes with those names having merged in 1963.

It is a small traditional town that is also well known for its award winning gardens, while the surounding region is famous for its truffles and...

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