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Young Picasso | Facebook

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Struggle is the essence of life. Nothing is possible in this world without struggle. 75% of the people of our country still work hard for their livelihood without much progress in their life. Many give up any hope of survival. Neither any divine entity nor worship could change their fate. Government appears to be busy oblivious of the sad situation of the...

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Moroccan Martial Arts | Facebook

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I am a Master Instructor 6th Dan Black belt spent a years in studying Martial Arts Philosophy been learning different styles from different grand Masters arround the world. I do have students all over...

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White Shaman Panel: The Coahuiltecan Creation Journey

WHAT:                 White Shaman Panel: The Coahuiltecan Creation Journey, a lecture by Dr. Mario Garza and Gary Perez


WHO:                   Produced by Indigenous Cultures Institute, a nonprofit based in San Marcos, TX


WHEN:                 August 17, 2013, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


WHERE:               Café Mayapan, 2000...

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