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Painting Landscapes – Tips on how to mix your greens

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Painting Landscapes : Tips on how to see and mix the greens

Do you love painting landscapes outdoors but are daunted by all the different greens around you in summer or spring (in my case, living in Western Washington, I see evergreens all year around).

This page shows you how to take control of the green colors and make them manageable in your paintings. Painting...

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Drawing Lessons - Start with the Basics

Negative spaces - discover what they are and use them to your advantage in your drawings.

Use this contour line drawing exercise to sharpen your visual language. Merely drawing the outlines of an object correctly can be invigorating and fun, and it will give you an insightful view on the spaces within and outside the lines.

Add volume and enhance the 3 dimensional looks in your drawing by...

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