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24 Best Grey Paint Colors - Top Shades of Gray Wall Paint

24 Best Grey Paints According To Top Interior Designers

From calming pale colors to edgier dark tones, top talent keeps coming back to these sleek shades.

Douglas Friedman

By Devin Alessio and Jenna Milliner-Waddell

Oct 11, 2017

Grey is the cooler, chicer cousin of white that we can't stop lusting after. The neutral color can create a calming, elegant or even electrifying effect, making it the...

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Paint Colors For Small Rooms - How To Make A ... - ELLE Decor

14 Paint Colors That Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

These expert-approved hues may be the secret to opening up a minuscule or cramped-feeling room.


By Bridget Mallon

Feb 17, 2016

The right paint color can accomplish a lot -- it can flatter everyone in the room , help bring good energy to a space , and even keep you from getting sick . And luckily for small space dwellers, a well-chosen wall hue can also make a room feel much bigger than it is. (Yes, you can paint small rooms colors other than white .)

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To help you narrow down your search for that perfect room-expanding shade, Trulia tapped into...

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25 Designer Blue Kitchens - Blue Walls & Decor Ideas for ...

30 Bold Blue Kitchens That Will Inspire Your Next Makeover

Blue complements practically every style.

By Kelsey Kloss and Sara Tardiff

Nov 20, 2017

There's a reason why blue is an old favorite: The hue can be used in a variety of styles, ranging from cool modern to bright retro, and in a nearly endless number of shades. What better way to experiment with blue paint than in the kitchen ?


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25+ Best Kitchen Paint Colors - Ideas for Kitchen Colours

25+ Interior Designers Reveal Their Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors

From deep greens to cheerful yellows, experts explain their go-to paint colors for the kitchen.

Stephen Kent Johnson

By Kelsey Kloss and Sara Tardiff

Aug 18, 2017

A simple color change can update your kitchen in a major way. The right shade of grey, for example, can turn the room from drab to sleek and sophisticated. Finessing the right hue of red, meanwhile, can take it from lackluster to perfectly dramatic. Here, interior designers share their favorite shades of paint for the kitchen so...

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