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Pablo Picasso Offset Lithograph "Woman in White" : EBTH

An offset lithograph after an original 1923 painting by Pablo Picasso titled Woman in White. This print features a work from Picasso's Neoclassical Period. It is debated whether the portrait portrays Picasso's Russian wife...

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Japanese Gouache Paintings on Silk of Women : EBTH

A selection of Japanese gouache paintings on silk of women. These three paintings depict women standing in frontal, full body portraiture, posed in traditional foliate and patterned kimonos near a cherry blossom or tree...

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Oil on Canvas Figure Painting of Woman Sleeping on Bench ...

An original oil on canvas by an unknown artist. The figure painting depicts a woman in a pink dress and hat sleeping on a white bench, set against a grey backdrop. She is shown with her black coat draped over her and her shoes resting below the bench. The unsigned work is presented unframed on a Fredrix brand stretched canvas,...

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Faux Rock Cave Art Wall Hangings : EBTH

A collection of faux rock wall hangings. These hollow rock-like wall hangings have painted symbols of animals and suns. They are wired for hanging on the...

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