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Cave Clues |


A cave is an underground space with little or no light and constant moisture. Ask students what other environmental characteristics they can find about caves. What traits would be important or unnecessary for animals that live in caves? How about eyesight or bright skin color? What do caves provide for animals or people? What else besides safety, shelter, protection from weather, and...

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Drawing with Scissors - Exploring Matisse |

Learn about the life of artist Henri Matisse and create artwork with a technique he called "Drawing with Scissors".


Henri Matisse was a famous French artist with an interesting story of his life and art. Read the book Drawing with Scissors by Keesia Johnson and Jane O'Connor with the class. Point out the painting Still Life with Books and Candle, one of Matisse's first paintings and...

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Moroccan Mosaic |

Explore the ancient artwork of Moroccan culture! Design a mosaic, called a zillij, full of brightly colored, recycled Model Magic tiles!


Mosaic art is created by arranging various colors of tiles, made from stone, clay, or glass, to form a picture. This form of artwork has been around for centuries, and can be found in almost every culture. Moroccan mosaics are unique in that they are...

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Curving Calligraphy Craft |

Calligraphy is one of the three elements in Islamic art.


Find out more about Arabic calligraphy. You will learn that the shape of the letters changes depending upon their position in the word. Some letters share the same shape but the number and placement of accompanying dots change with the...

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