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Morocco's Best-Kept Secret Is This All-Blue Village

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Morocco's Best-Kept Secret Is This All-Blue Village

Tucked high in Morocco's Rif Mountains, the all-blue town of Chefchaouen is a calming respite from the overwhelming frenzy of Marrakech and Fez. Photographer and writer Lucy Laucht takes us on a tour of Morocco's hidden gem.

Painted in a palette of mesmerizing blue hues, Chefchaouen's ancient medina (old...

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Every year, Mastercard puts together its Global Destination Cities Index , which ranks more than 130 cities based on how popular they are with tourists. The survey not only culls visitor numbers, and travel spending data, like airline ticket purchases and souvenir purchases, but also predicts where people will be visiting within the next year. The company just released its most recent index, with...

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