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The cave paintings of Altamira - IberiaNature

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Ancient rock art dating back to 1500 B.C. found in Tamil ...

Ancient rock art dating back to 1500 B.C. found in Tamil Nadu

May 27, 2007 00:00 IST


September 28, 2016 22:58 IST

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HISTORY ON SHOW: A dolmen found in the backdrop of Anamalai Hills, about a kilometre away from the ancient rock art site discovered near Mavadaippu village in Coimbatore district. �

May 27, 2007 00:00 IST


September 28, 2016 22:58 IST

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The Cave Paintings of Tassili n’Ajjer: Proof of Ancient ...

The Cave Paintings of Tassili n'Ajjer: Proof of Ancient Astronauts?

February 8, 2017


Astronaut, Tassili, Sahara Desert 6000 BC.

Tassili n'Ajjer (English: Plateau of the Rivers) is a heavily eroded sandstone rock formation in the Algerian section of the Sahara Desert, situated on a vast plateau, that encompasses south-east Algeria, western Libya and northern Niger.

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Alien Humanoid Discovered In Indian Cave Painting - YouTube

Alien humanoid discovered in Indian cave painting. In this video we take a look at an alien humanoid cave painting.

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Are Mermaids Real? You Decide | Cave painting, Mermaids ...

Egyptian Mermaid Paintings (from the mocumentary)

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Mermaid Skeleton in National Museum of Copenhagen

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Prehistoric Cave painting from 35000 years ago. The question is, what were they trying to depict in this piece of Ancient Art History? (The question is, had they discovered hallucinogens years ago?

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20 Most Fascinating Prehistoric Cave Paintings (cave paintings, lascaux cave paintings, altamira cave paintings) - ODDEE

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Mermaids are real, says the National...  [more...]

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Algeria - Tamanrasset and Tassili Hoggar - VidInfo

Algeria - Tamanrasset and Tassili Hoggar


ewpnetcom's YouTube Channel

The Tassili Hoggar region is located to the south east of Tamanrasset in Algeria and is almost the...  [more...]

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God Pictures: Korean Shaman Paintings - YouTube

In this presentation, a western anthropologist, a Korean folklore scholar, and a Korean art historian describe the different paths and interests that led them to collaborate on their recent book about Korean shaman paintings, God Pictures in Korean Contexts, published by the University of Hawai'i press. Laurel Kendall, Jongsung Yang, and Yul Soo Yoon describe what it is that makes a shaman...  [more...]

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